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Cryptotab Mining

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Cryptotab Mining

We know that the creation of bitcoin is managed by many servers that require a huge use of energy and that is not ecological or economic.

CryptoTab (partner Chrome/Google Store) invites you to become a bitcoin manufacturer with your PC while respecting your equipment and energy.

Simple and easy to use, just register in 2 clicks, install the extension on Chrome or any other browser and the adventure starts immediately.
It's up to you to choose the speed of mining and your method of dissemination on the web to find affiliates. (multi-level affiliation technic).
"More active people you refer, a lot more Bitcoin than you get each month"
You have to find motivated people, increase your affiliate channel and earn more money.

The income is calculated as the user of CryptoTab mine on average Bitcoin worth $ 4 per month.
You will get revenue from all users in your reference network as long as they are active users of CryptoTab

Example of 5x5x5x5 etc
Your friends Your income / month USD (approx.) & to be cumuled
5 1st Round 15% $ 3
25 2nd Round 10% $ 10
125 3rd Round 5% $ 25
625 4th Round 3% $ 75
3125 5th Round 2% $ 250
15625 6th Round 1% $ 625
78125 7th Round 0.5% $ 1563
390625 8th Round 0.25% $ 3906
1953125 9th Round 0.125% $ 9766
9765625 10th Round 0.0625% $ 24414

The rule is: "be patient, spread your affiliate link" and join us to win together!

Winning bitcoins by becoming MINOR Economic vs. Ecological is finally possible ....

Are you worried about a possible overheating of the equipment during the mining?
It is very likely that you will not even notice that a mining script is running on your computer, it depends on the power of your computer. You will be able to adjust the speed of blasting, or turn it off completely at any time.

Share the link to CryptoTab with your friends and receive additional earnings in BTC based on their earnings. The more you and your friends invite, the more you win! Be proactive and earn thousands of dollars a month! Copy your personal link by plugin and share it on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Forums, etc. Hurry up! - The number of reference network levels will be reduced for all newly registered users!

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