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Summer Promo 2017! #3
Published on 08-09-2017

Just for you all out there,

A rented referral extending promo:

Extending rented referrals at a bottom price!

30 days => 5% @ 8% Discount!!
60 days => 10% @ 13% Discount!!
90 days => 18% @ 21% Discount!!
150 days => 25% @ 28% Discount!!
240 days => 30% @ 33% Discount!!
365 days => 35% @ 38% Discount!!

Make sure you won't miss this oppertunity, since it will be valid till 10th of september 23:59:59 server time!

Summer Promo 2017! #2
Published on 02-09-2017

Hello dear members,

The summer continues but many have returned from their vacation and things are mostly back as they where.

To make you feel a bit more happy, we will have a Membership Promo for 3 days!
This promo will run from September 2 till September 4 23:59 server time!

All memberships have a 10% discount during these 3 days! Enjoy!

Important update about the Offerwalls
Published on 16-08-2017

Upline will earn 10% commissions on the downline completed offers!

Good news for members with lots of direct referrals:
Over every completed offer, the upline will earn 10% commissions!

This is requirement involves Standard members only.

This requirement is necessary to keep the business stable.

In order for Standard members to cashout, a minimum of 10% of the earnings must be earned in Offerwalls.
The offerwalls you can use are, PTCWall, AdcendMedia, Clixwall, KiwiWall, Minutestaff, Offers4All, Offertoro, Persona, Superrewards, Wannads, Offerdaddy and AdGatemedia.

Neteller and Skrill support added
Published on 13-07-2017

Hi there,

We're glad to announce its now possible to add funds through Neteller and Skrill.
This will work a little bit different then you might be used to.

When you choose one of these processors for deposits, you be guided to a form with instructions.
After you made the actual deposit, we will check your deposit and process it manually.

Withdrawing to one of these processors will remain disabled for now, but will be enabled after a while.

Happy easter to you! Easter Promo 2017!
Published on 15-04-2017

Hi dear members,

Happy easter to everyone!
To celebrate, we will have a deposit bonus promo on the 1st and 2nd easter days.

Deposit $10.00+ and we will give you 5.00% extra
Deposit $20.00+ and we will give you 7.50% extra
Deposit $50.00+ and we will give you 10.00% extra
Deposit $100.00+ and we will give you 12.50% extra
Deposit $250.00+ and we will give you 15.00% extra
Deposit $500.00+ and we will give you 17.50% extra
Deposit $1000.00+ and we will give you 20.00% extra

This promo will be valid at the 16th and 17th of April servertime and will automatic added to your purchase balance on deposit.

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