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Some feature requests

Started by RaulDeluxe 2018-04-04 at 17:38 1 replies to this topic

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Hello Admin/adzseven-Team,
thanks for this great site in first place, but there are some things I'd like to see changed/added.

1.) Show size of RR-packages available for every type of membership
-> Without my request via support it was hard to tell this is a thing at all.

2.) Show timestamps for individual posts on the forum
-> Right now there is no timestamp for forum posts, at least not to my knowledge. I'd really like to know exactly when a post has been written.

3.) Show daily income from DRs (overall / as a statistic for each individual DR)
-> Since the income from DRs is depending on the type of ad they click, it would be really nice to see an overview of how much they made on a specific day.

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We will consider this request for the near future to add this.

Best regards.
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