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the new cybernetic era

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Transcription of the new cybernetic era
the new cybernetic era
Communication: Computers are a very economical communication tool, perhaps the most economical one that exists.

Unique brain: The computer was invented first of all to solve mathematical problems that if solved by man, it would take hundreds of years to solve them and a computer solves them in seconds.

Entertainment: The computer is a unique means of entertainment where playing videogames of enormous puff is not only what it gives us but also we can see Movies in any type of format, music etc.

Information: The computer is the main source of information of our days and also very economical since it is by means of a computer that the majority of people connect to the Internet to study for free.
Laptops are laptops that allow you to take your information wherever you go without carrying a huge processor or a screen, today there are many models and brands that are even better than the desktop in terms of memory and performance. They do virtually all the functions of a desktop.
It is a kind of computer but it does not have all the functions of a PC, it has a lot of entertaining content besides it is very practical to use, for people who do conferences continuously because it has connectivity with projectors and wireless printers, nowadays the best is the ipad, if you think you buy one I recommend the ipad, the galaxy tab is never samsumg, the material is pure plastic, is smaller and smaller definition and adaptation to windows.
an IPad is very different from a laptop, it does not have flash player therefore you can not see certain content from one page to another, apart, to put music, photos, videos, you need to synchronize it with a USB cable, the only disadvantage of IPad is As I said the flash player, It is more portable than a laptop, but does not have the same uses as a laptop, It has many good applications To draw, edit video with the IMovie, Another Ipad defect is that the camera takes pictures less than 0.95 Pixels, The advantage is that you can record in HD quality, and in part, it would be weird if you took that to take pictures.
Android phones
Android is an operating system, it is as if it were the MS-dos of the old conputadoras or the windows, or the linux, or appel that was its name, it is only an operating system for your cell phone to work like a computer, There are many operating systems for mobile phones, such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, Maebo, Android, etc.

The Android is now a very new operating system, and is betting to be the operating system that will change everyone, so they say that in the future all cell phones will have this operating system
We are at the entrance of a new world, a new era that is born of a process called: digital revolution.
One of the characteristics of this revolution is the rapid advance of technology that is accompanied by an increase in efficiency in all areas of the economy and has led interconnected nations to have a dominant competitive position globally.

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