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Started by kopinath321 2018-05-15 at 19:02 2 replies to this topic

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You earned 0.0% in Offerwalls. It is required to have a minimum of 10% of your income earned in Offerwalls.
how solve this problem? how much money add Purchase balance this problem solve please help me admin ?
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in the vast majority of stable ptc are adding that requirement for standard users, you only have to make 10% of the amount you want to withdraw by means of offers, it is not that difficult, other ptc ask you for 20%

In addition, that change was notified in the news and updates section, it is only a matter of reviewing the forum from time to time to be informed

I leave the link to the subject where they warned, in fact this is so since quite a while, is not something new
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just click the ads for minutestaff. It's easy and usually it will reach more than 10% when u reach your payment limit

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