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Special Rented Referral promo!

Started by agony554 2019-06-10 at 21:16 0 replies to this topic

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Hello dear members,

Time for the next special promo : From the 11th of June till 10th of July 2019 23:59 server time, we have something very special.

For each $2.50 deposited, you receive a free rented referral. For example, if you deposit $5.00, you receive 2 free rented referrals or when you deposit $25.00, you receive 10 rented referrals as an extra bonus!
But when you would exceed your membership rented referral limit, you will only receive the amount of rented referrals untill you reached the max of your membership.

The bonus will be added automatic, there is no need to open a ticket to request your rented referrals.

Best regards,
Dutchdolphin & agony

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